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Model Charity Box #RM-TZ09

Model Charity Box #RM-TZ09

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Synagogue Model Charity Box - Great Synagogue of Warsaw - Tlomackie Street, Warsaw - Built In 1878

The Great Synagogue was built by the Warsaw's Jewish community between 1875 and 1878 at T?omackie street, in the south-eastern tip of the district in which the Jews were allowed to settle by the Russian Imperial authorities of Congress Poland. The main architect was Leandro Marconi.
At the time of its opening, it was the largest Jewish Shul in the world.

After the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, on May 16, 1943, SS-Gruppenführer Jürgen Stroop personally blew up the building.
This was the last act of destruction by the Germans in suppressing the Revolt of the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw.
It was not rebuilt after the war, when few Jews remained or returned to Warsaw after the Holocaust by the Nazis.

Size: 6 x 5 x 6"
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