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Yemenite Shofars

Yemenite Shofars

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Yemenite Shofar - Antelope's Horn
Certified Kosher. Finished in Israel

Size Chart:
Extra Small - 21.7"-24". Item SKU: #SHYEMXS
Small - 24"-27.6". Item SKU: #SHYEMS
Medium - 27.6"-31.1". Item SKU: #SHYEMM
Large - 31.1"-34.6" Item SKU: #SHYEML
Extra Large - 34.6"-37.4" Item SKU: #SHYEMXL
XX-Large - 37.8"-41.3" Item SKU: #SHYEMXXL
XXX-Large - 41.7"-47.2" Item SKU: #SHYEMXXXL
XXXX-Large - 48"+ Item SKU #SHYEMXXXXL- Super Jumbo

Picture is for illustration purposes only. Shofars may vary in shape, color, and finish (-natural, semi-polished, polished).
Contact us to request specific qualities, and we will accomodate to the best of our ability.

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